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[O] Using org-export-get-reference for strings

From: Mark Meyer
Subject: [O] Using org-export-get-reference for strings
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 19:33:10 +0200
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Hi list,
In ox-epub I'm using several references to external stylesheets,
starting with the external name in the user filesystem I transform
these into a kind-of unique id that lives in the EPUB zip file.

Currently I'm doing this using a counter, generating zip entries in the
form of style-1.css. Can I use `org-export-get-reference' to generate
these ids? I would likely pass a simple string as the object to get a
reference to (the path the external stylesheet lives at).

>From what I understand this would generate different references for
`foobar.css' and `../foobar.css' even when these are identical
documents. This should be fixed by passing `(expand-file-name style)' to

I'm not quite sure I understand `org-export-get-reference' correctly,
can you elucidate this?

Cheers, Mark
   Mark Meyer

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