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Re: [O] org to static site?

From: Scott Randby
Subject: Re: [O] org to static site?
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 12:54:43 -0400
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On 06/05/2017 01:59 AM, John Ankarström wrote:
> On June 5, 2017 1:26:15 AM GMT+07:00, Scott Randby <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Maybe this is too primitive, but I keep all the content in one Org
>> file
>> and export the text under each top-level headline as a single HTML
>> page.
>> I use some simple macros if I need to export more than one top-level
>> headline. I keep the CSS code in a separate file. Keeping all the
>> content in one file makes it really easy to add new pages and edit old
>> pages. I use a preamble for site navigation.
>> Scott Randby
> Sounds interesting.
> Do you have any way to generate an index page for your blog?

I have an idea about how to generate an index page, but I haven't had
time to work out the details. Instead, since it isn't much work, I will
add entries by hand to an index page. I don't have an index page right
now because it isn't useful for my students.

Actually, my site isn't a blog, it is for the classes I teach. I post
class notes, class audio, and other items for each class. What I like
about using my own site for teaching is that students don't need to log
into a learning management system to get the lessons. I've also designed
the site so that it works well on mobile devices (which is why the
design is very simple). Below is a link to the site I used for one of my
courses last semester and a link to a page containing some templates and
notes for things I didn't use last semester but might use in the future.
I don't have my source code posted anywhere yet, but I'm thinking about
setting up a Git repository somewhere as soon as I get a better grasp of
Git. Well, I'm also not sure if anyone else cares about such simple code.



Org is amazing. I don't know elisp, I'm certainly not an advanced user
of Emacs, and I don't know how to do that really sophisticated Org stuff
that others talk about on this list, but I can make a functional web
site with Org without trouble by using the basic export functions.
Adding new pages, editing old pages, and updating is trivial. I know a
lot of people who use Markdown and static site generators, but Org is
much better for my purposes. And I can use it for many other things too.
Sorry for this unnecessary rant, but I just love Org.


> - John

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