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Re: [O] org-protocol documentation

From: Mario Martelli
Subject: Re: [O] org-protocol documentation
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2017 21:24:47 +0200

>> I’m not happy with that there is so much information - although
>> outdated - in the old Worg documentation which might be hidden to the
>> reader.
> Note that most of this documentation is available through other
> means, AFAIU.

Ok, what I meant are the readers who are not able to use Google ;)

> You probably missed my remark about this part. I think each sub-protocol
> should be introduced in a similar way.

I misinterpreted the meaning. I do not really like to begin each sentence with 
the same phrase. But I got it eventually that it's a manual ;)

>> +Two functions can help you fill @code{org-protocol-project-alist} with valid
>> +contents: @code{org-protocol-create} and @code{org-publish-project-alist}.  
>> The
>> +latter is of use if you're editing an Org file that is part of a
>> +publishing project.
> Though, I'm puzzled, `org-publish-project-alist' is a variable, not a 
> function.

Don’t know what happened there. Repaired.

>> +Org protocol is triggered by @file{emacsclient}. If you want to use Org
>                                                  ^^^
>                                                 Gotcha
>> +protocol, there are many possibilities to do so.  You can invoke emacsclient
>> +by a shortcut on your desktop for example. Or by adding a bookmark to your 
>> browser.
>                                            ^^^
>                                           Ditto

This one I do not understand.
I use now @file{emacsclient} consistently if that was the meaning of the 

> This is the trick part. We need to feed the index.

>    @cindex Installing Org protocol

>  @vindex org-protocol-project-alist

>  @findex org-protocol-project-alist

I started this whole thing because I wanted to learn elisp. But learning 
texinfo en-passant is nice :)

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(second patch attached out of consistency reasons)

Kind regards

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