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[O] How to paginate Babel Lisp output?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: [O] How to paginate Babel Lisp output?
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2017 17:57:37 +0300


I have a very simple lisp output within Org Mode
file, and it delivers list of lists with 4-5
elements, and it displays nicely as a text.

#+BEGIN_SRC lisp :exports results 
(load #P"/home/data1/protected//lisp/load-some-files.lisp" :verbose nil :print 
(sku-list-values-by-location :location 1369)

But when exporting LaTeX I get the result that the
table is basically too long, even being printed
over the page number and below, and does not even
continue on the next page.

Is there a way or customization to make it break
pages automatically when there is long output from
source blocks?


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