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Re: [O] org-plus-contrib, where is library-of-babel.org?

From: Bastien Guerry
Subject: Re: [O] org-plus-contrib, where is library-of-babel.org?
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 09:06:01 +0200

Kyle Meyer <address@hidden> writes:

>>> Apparently, library-of-babel.org is not distributed with the Org mode
>>> that ships with emacs.  Not sure why that is.  I'm guessing it's a
>>> license issue?
>> It will be in the next release (in /emacs/etc/org/).  If there's a license
>> issue it needs to be removed.

The reason why this library-of-babel.org was not in Emacs is not
because of its lack of license.  I guess it's because Carsten and
Eric didn't think of it as something that should land in Emacs.

Hence my will to clarify this by moving it to Worg, where it will
be more easily accessed.


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