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Re: [O] [RFC] Shrink columns dynamically

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] [RFC] Shrink columns dynamically
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 21:09:46 +0200
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Kaushal Modi <address@hidden> writes:

> 1. Need to save the column narrowed state somehow individually for each
> column, specific to a table in a document.

This is not possible, and is exactly what annoys me in the current

Moreover, I'm pretty sure you don't review every table in your document
at the second it is opened. So there is no need to store the columns
narrowing, as long as it is easy enough to narrow a table at point when
you need to look at it.

> 2. Alternative: Look at the window width and calculate the factor by which
> all columns should be narrowed so that the whole table fits the window
> (Sounds very complicated).

There are multiple solutions to this problem. None of the is optimal,
because "optimal" depends on each user.

I cannot implement any of you suggestions.


Nicolas Goaziou

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