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Re: [O] Regression? Clocktable no longer includes TODO keywords

From: Michael Alan Dorman
Subject: Re: [O] Regression? Clocktable no longer includes TODO keywords
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 08:29:50 -0400
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Thanks for your reply (and all the work you do on org), Nicolas.

> This doesn't ring a bell. Anyway, the current behaviour sounds right,
> since you can get TODO state with the "TODO" special property anyway.

But that will actually end up in another column, won't it?

As a bit of background: I have, historically, harvested the "Headline"
column for a weekly report, which depends on the state of the headline
being included---not including it there, even if it can be in a separate
column, dramatically decreases the utility of the clocktable for me
because it becomes a lot more work to produce that report.

Of course maybe the answer is that I should just write the elisp to
generate the report, but that's a big chunk of work, too. :()

For the moment, I guess I'll just stick with 9.05


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