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Re: [O] Should org-insert-todo-heading be a state change?

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Should org-insert-todo-heading be a state change?
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:22:13 +0200
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Allen Li <address@hidden> writes:

> Org mode allows logging timestamps and making notes when changing to a
> TODO keyword:
>    TODO(!) | DONE(!)
> However, org-insert-todo-heading does not respect this.
> I'm wondering whether it should.  For example, given the above
> keywords, the intent would most likely be to log when TODO headings
> are created and when they are marked finished.
> If one were to create a heading and mark it TODO using C-c C-t, then
> the state change would be logged.  In other words, making a heading a
> TODO entry is considered a state change from " " to "some todo
> keyword".
> However, if one were to use C-S-RET, the new TODO heading would not
> have a timestamp logged.
> I can't think of a situation where the current behavior is desirable,
> so I am inclined to think that treating the creation of a TODO heading
> as a state change from a normal heading to a TODO heading would be
> more convenient.

My gut feeling is that the current behaviour is also correct, and
possibly less surprising. "changing" and "creating" are two different

Besides, I suspect that many users create TODO headings with 


in which case the behaviour you suggest would create a discrepancy.

Eventually, in contrast to TODO state changes, you need to be at the
future headline location to create it. IOW, it is very easy to add
a note upon creating the headline.


Nicolas Goaziou

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