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Re: [O] "S:" prefix when syncing via CalDAV

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] "S:" prefix when syncing via CalDAV
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 23:11:39 +0200
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John Morrissey <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Nicolas, the behavior I'm observing isn't so much that the .ics is
> incorrect. Instead, it's what happens to the corresponding item in the
> org file.

"ox-icalendar.el" doesn't modify the Org file, except when an ID
property is created.

> For example, an entry that looks like:
> * TODO do a thing
>   SCHEDULED: <2017-07-24 Mon>
>   :ID:       03fe6016-6373-450f-aa31-e8403a573c49
>   :END:
> turns into:
> * TODO S: call european motorsports
>   :ID:       ca7ecc02-0c67-4c22-ad6c-9c06e6d19e9a
>   :END:
>   <2017-07-24 Mon>
>   :ID:       03fe6016-6373-450f-aa31-e8403a573c49
>   :END:
> "S:" is prepended, the scheduled timestamp is replaced by an active
> timestamp, and an additional properties drawer is created with a different
> ID. This happens with deadline items, too.

I guess CalDAV removes the "SCHEDULED: " string. As a consequence, the
property drawer is no longer valid and a new, valid, property drawer is
created above upon generating a new ID.

> This usually happens around the time of the scheduled/deadline timestamp, so
> an item can sync just fine until sometime around the scheduled date, then
> this transformation happens. It doesn't seem to happen at any fixed point
> relative to the scheduled/deadline timestamp. Sometimes several CalDAV syncs
> will happen on the day of the timestamp before one sync finally triggers(?)
> the transformation. Does that make sense?
> I don't know much Lisp or org internals, so I'm not entirely sure where this
> is happening. The only reference point I could find in the code is in
> ox-icalendar where it inserts the "S:" prefix, which happens concurrently
> with the other org item transformations I mentioned above.

The "S:" prefix in "ox-icalendar.el" is inserted in the ".ics" file, not
the Org document.

I don't know "org-caldav.el" but it looks like it should be more careful
when removing the "SCHEDULED" keyword.


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