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Re: [O] Update to org-protocol-capture-html

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: [O] Update to org-protocol-capture-html
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:52:27 +0300
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I'm using 9.0 too. It's just that I'm also using Windows. Maybe it's the only platform where this happens.

I even got the idea that you could use single slashes there from test-org-protocol.el, since the documentation for org-protocol is outdated.

Weirdly some tests in test-org-protocol.el use single slash, while some use double. I guess we need a comment on this from org-protocol dev.

Yeah, I've seen emacsclient stockpiling, it happens on Windows and should also happen on some other platforms, I guess, depending on how their protocol support and/or OS processes are implemented. By default emacsclient creates a process that waits till server reports that it's finished editing it. This works for stuff like git and other places where you want to edit something and then do something else from an external app. But for places where you're not doing anything else it's kind of pointless.

Bonus somewhat offtopic question: I remember that you could create a capture template that captures immediately, without launching a capture window. How is it done? Forgot to write down the instructions, the last time I tinkered with org-protocol.

Best Regards,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

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