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[O] Adding single cell movement to org-table

From: Chris Kauffman
Subject: [O] Adding single cell movement to org-table
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 16:20:48 -0400

Greetings from a first-time contributor. Another patch contributor, Uwe Brauer, recruited me after finding some code I had written to move single org-table cells up/down/left/right.  I found this feature to be useful in certain kinds of tables so wrote the functions for myself but am told that others might benefit from it.

I have formalized that code into a git repo with a feature branch on it which may be found here:

I have included documentation in org-table.el for the new functions and tests for them.  If further work or documentation needs to be done, please let me know. I am also not sure if I got the commit messages formatted to the specification mentioned on the contributing page.  I am happy to explain more if needed.

I just mailed address@hidden to get the copyright for the code resolved but thought I would put up this branch now so others can have a look.


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