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Re: [O] [RFC] Remove Org Struct mode

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [O] [RFC] Remove Org Struct mode
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 13:28:01 -0700

i wrote this a long time ago to summarize the different options for
editing notes in org.

warning: it might make zero sense to you.

maybe it will be useful to somebody.


sometimes you want the notes to stay in your external file
(example: whatever.el).  but edit them in org mode.
orgstruct edits in orgish mode.

sometimes you want notes and code to stay in org and
generate the external file.  this is tangling.

sometimes you want a link to the notes in org in
whatever.el.  and a link to the whatever.el location in the
relevant node in org.  thus bidirectional links between
whatever.el and org.  (this has been called "mccoy mode"
after his suspicion of the transporter, but could also mean
that everything stays in, and is edited in, the real mccoy.
i.e. code stays in .el and notes stay in .org.)



n means notes
s means source
.el is a stand-in for any type of file that is not org
blank cells are n/a

for example, in the first line, in a .el babel source block:

  1) notes are edited in org
     - (the source block is embedded in notes)
  2) source is edited in a temporary buffer for .el
  3) there is no minor mode of relevance
  4) notes are kept in .org
  5) source is kept in .org in a source block
  6) the target can be a .el file

| what                  | nmajor  | smajor | nminor  | notes in |
source in | target |
| babel                 | org     | el tmp |         | .org     | .org
     | .el    |
| bidirectional linking | org     | el     |         | .org     | .el
     |        |
| poporg                | org tmp | el     |         | .el      | .el
     |        |
| outorg                | org tmp | el     | orgish? | .el      | .el
     |        |
| orgtbl                | el      | el     | orgish  | .el      | .el
     |        |
| org-link-minor-mode   | el      | el     | orgish  | .el      | .el
     |        |
| radio list / table    | org     | xlate  |         | .org     | .org
     | .el    |

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