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Re: [O] LaTeX > PDF blocked by extender chars in filename

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] LaTeX > PDF blocked by extender chars in filename
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:24:58 -0300
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Hello Nicolas.

Nicolas, does this means we should modify these little things in Org?

Unfortunately these are not "little things".

Sorry, it was my ignorance of the infrastructure on which this depends...

First, I assume "filenameencoding" is not necessarily utf8, so it cannot be a default value.

Ah, super clear.

More importantly, there is an ongoing issue with link encoding, which is debated in another (moribund) thread. IOW, "insert the filename as it is" is not easy, because Org needs to encode file names, but doesn't know for sure when a file name has been encoded.

Ok, got it. So, what should we do?
Here are some possible things to discuss... + One thing that may be relatively simple to do (I won't assume "little things" anymore) is to warn in the documentation that for the moment, it's preferable to avoid extended chars in filenames.

+ Other point: is it logical to warn the User in the moment when the link is created, that we found extended chars and that may complicate things on the export? (I wouldn't recomend to change the filename even if from the HCI POV seems logical, since we don't know the origin of this filename, among other reasons, and could even be re-writed).

+ Does it make sense to check the files in the moment we write the latex file, and change the filename/s in that instant? Or at least to warn the User then? + Farther in the future is that decision about to encode or not the links, in which I can't emit any opinion since it is far from my domain.

+ Other possibilities?
eduardo mercovich

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