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[O] [maint bug, org-clock.el] org-time-string-to-seconds

From: Rasmus
Subject: [O] [maint bug, org-clock.el] org-time-string-to-seconds
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 11:02:27 +0200
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There’s bug in maint that made it into Org v9.0.10 via commit
7e241af591df15d2b7587648ed2342ae3a5d0e5b.  In org-clock.el, the v9.1
signature of ‘org-time-string-to-seconds’ has made it into
‘org-clock-sum’.  Should I just remove the time zone, or should the
signature of ‘org-time-string-to-seconds’ be changed in maint?


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