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[O] getting development version on windows

From: Ian Garmaise
Subject: [O] getting development version on windows
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2017 11:22:48 -0400

I recently reported a bug in sort headlines which was fixed
in the development version.  However I am using the elpa package in windows,
which only has the latest official release of Aug. 28.
My efforts to install the development version failed.

Is there a straightforward recipe to install the development version?
I have the git-bash toolkit installed (all typical unix tools included), and gnu make etc., but I gather that elpa version uses emacs equivalents of make and install.

Is there a way that I can apply the fix to the release package and then rebuild org using the same method elpa uses?

Ian Garmaise
Phorix Solutions Group
Toronto cell: 416.432.2251
NYC: 917.512.9535

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