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Re: [O] Table aligning and editing in 9.2

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Table aligning and editing in 9.2
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 21:41:17 +0200
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William Denton <address@hidden> writes:

> Previously one could edit the contents of a cell in a shrunken column
> without doing anything special: move the point in, move to a position,
> then hit any key (space, delete, a letter), and the change is made.
> If a character is deleted then the => at the end comes closer; if
> added it moves away.  C-c C-c or TAB realigns everything.  Everything
> is directly editable: the text can be operated on without any
> barriers.

No barrier? Try editing directly the text under "=>".

> But now the cell contents are locked until either a) C-C ` opens up an
> edit buffer (which was useful before for editing a long piece of text
> that got shrunk, but is a lot of work when you have something short
> like "Foo" in a <10> column and want to make it "Bar") or, as you
> point out, b) something is typed in the shrunk column.

Or c), simply expand the columns with C-c TAB, and edit the field to
your heart's content.

> But when something is typed in a shrunk column, the column expands and
> the point is now at the start of the cell.  To edit anything in the
> cell, you need to hit "a" or SPC or something just to get in there,
> then you need to delete it, then move to where you want to make
> a change, then edit.

See above.

> And then C-c C-c or TAB doesn't realign things, you need to hit C-c
> TAB.

Either you spotted a bug, or I don't understand. C-c C-c (or TAB) still
re-align things. But it doesn't narrow them again anymore. These are two
different commands.

> So the workflow is different, and in each piece it's more awkward.

You have to admit that the above is, by itself, quite a feat.

So, is there anything wrong with the following workflow:

   expand the column (C-c TAB), edit field, shrink it again (C-c TAB)



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