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[O] Flattening references in ODT export

From: James Harkins
Subject: [O] Flattening references in ODT export
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 23:52:33 -0400
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Is there a way to have "figure" references in ODT exports be simply a flat list?

Meaning -- I would like "Example 1," "Example 2," etc. (or "Figure," doesn't 
really matter).

With "num:nil," "Listing 1," "Listing 2," "Listing 3," but there is also a 
figure, which becomes "Figure 1." So there's a listing and a figure with the 
same index number. Hm.

I am pretty sure this will not satisfy the journal's style requirements.

It seems there is some customizability here[1], but which predicate should I 
use in place of org-odt--enumerable-image-p for listings?

I'm willing to avoid SRC blocks if that will help.

Also, it may not help to wrap all of these entities in FIGURE blocks, because I 
found (the hard way) ODT export fails if an image is inside a figure block.



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