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Re: [O] Bug in ox.el

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [O] Bug in ox.el
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 08:31:06 +0100
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On Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 at 09:26, Qiang Fang wrote:
> The original issue is at
> https://github.com/kjambunathan/org-mode-ox-odt/issues/25
> "org-export-table-cell-alignment uses org-export-data to infer cookies
> of some columns. I think, it should use other mechanisms like
> org-element-interpret-data (may be)."
> The odt exporter is really useful, it replaces latex in most cases for
> me. How can I help in getting it into the main org repo?

IIRC, quite some time ago now, there were issues with copyright
etc. with this particular branch of the ODT exporter.  There is an ODT
exporter in the standard version of org.

: Eric S Fraga via Emacs 26.0.50, Org release_9.0.9-573-g09e612

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