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Re: [O] Using orgtbl-mode with markdown: hfmt1

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Using orgtbl-mode with markdown: hfmt1
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 15:51:27 +0200
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Carsten Bormann <address@hidden> writes:

> As is, orgtbl-mode is a great addition to markdown-mode.
> There is one snag:
> The markdown table syntax isn’t fully standardized.
> A number of implementations react unfavorable to the + characters that
> orgtbl-mode uses as a column/row separator in the line separating the
> header from the body of the table; they prefer the | character here as
> well.
> So I apply this little patch in org-table-align each time I install a new 
> version of org-mode:
> org-table.el
> 874c158
> <              (hfmt1 "-%s-+"))
> ---
>>              (hfmt1 "-%s-|"))           ; HACK: + ➔ |
> Works perfectly.  But it would be nice not to have to apply this patch each 
> time I update.
> Would it be possible to make hfmt1 configurable?
> (Preferably, using a buffer-local variable so I don’t have to break
> tables in org-mode proper?)

The point of orgtbl-mode is to edit Org tables, not Markdown tables,
which have a different syntax.

The usual workflow is to edit the Org mode tables and "send" it to
another location within the same buffer, applying some pre-defined
transformation. See (info "(org) Radio tables") for more information.

Another option is to add an advice on `org-table-align'. See


Nicolas Goaziou

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