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[O] Sibling visibility when accessing an item from the agenda

From: James Harkins
Subject: [O] Sibling visibility when accessing an item from the agenda
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2017 09:47:45 +0800
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What is the setting to control the visibility of the 4th-level siblings here?

How I got to this point:

- All headings collapsed (only top-level visible)

- Go to the agenda week view

- Put the cursor on the entry for "Elec. 2a 01" and hit return.

The catch is... my school requires me to take notes on every class session. 
That means I need to type plain text underneath this heading. But, org has 
"helpfully" marked this area to be invisible. If I put the cursor on the 
flush-left ellipsis and hit return to open up some space, I don't see the open 
space. Same if I put the cursor after the ellipsis for the properties drawer.

That is, org thinks accessing an item from the agenda is a read-only operation, 
but I need to write into it -- org's assumption is invalid.

So the only way I currently know to enter the text is to go up to the parent 
level, collapse it, and expand it to show all the siblings... for 14 class 
sessions every week. That is going to get really old.

There must be a way to get org to show the sibling headings of the one that was 
selected from the agenda.


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