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[O] spreadsheet formulae and removal of hline

From: alan . wehmann
Subject: [O] spreadsheet formulae and removal of hline
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 10:43:36 -0500

I have noticed that if I remove a hline in a org table used as a
spreadsheet, the formulae for rows below where the hline was, change
in a manner that makes them refer to the wrong row.

Since hlines are not counted as rows in the spreadsheet, removal of a
hline should not change the formulae in the '#+TBLFM' line.

I am using 'org-table-kill-row to remove the hline.  Its doc string
says that it can be used to remove a hline.

My version is:
Org mode version 9.1 (9.1-20-ga4f139-elpaplus @ 
Alan Wehmann

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