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Re: [O] What is the best way to show inline math formulas in org mode?

From: edgar
Subject: Re: [O] What is the best way to show inline math formulas in org mode?
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2017 22:16:13 +0000
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Hi Amos,

I am an inexpert user of Emacs, and that is why I think that I can help you. See the instructions below. Spoiler alert: the last line reads: "If you get your file .. I don't know how to help you."

The idea is:
1. Run emacs like this: emacs -Q
2. Check that you have a recent version of Emacs
   1) (assuming that you are running in linux) Check your Emacs version:
a. [Alt] + [x] (in Emacs lingo, this translates to M-x, and lets you run commands)
      b. when you get a prompt, type <emacs-version> (without < >)
c. type [Enter] (in Emacs lingo, this translates to RET most times) 2) If you get a message with a version older than 24.4, your Emacs may be too old, but still work (may be).
3. Check that you have a recent version of Org
Do the same as step 2, but replace <emacs-version> with <org-version>. If your version is older than 8.7, I would suggest updating.
4. Check that you are actually running the right command
   1) Create a new buffer
      a. C-x b: [Control] + [x], then [b]
      b. test.org: type <test.org>
      c. RET
   2) Change onto org-mode by doing M-x org-mode RET
3) Copy (kill) this as it is and paste it (yank it) on the buffer that you just created: \(a = 2\)
   4) Put the cursor (point) on the <=> and do C-c C-x C-l
   5) If you don't see your equation, continue to step 5
5. If step 4 didn't work, make sure that you could produce the file in your computer
   1) Export the test.org to LaTeX by doing C-c C-e l l
2) If it asks you for a name file, just type <test.tex> (without < > !)
   3) Open the file (find the file): C-x C-f <test.tex> (without < >)
   4) Do what you would normally do to produce your PDF
5) If you get your file, it means that your Org configuration is not really working. Try testing your dvipng, dvisvgm or convert (imagemagick) commands. Imagemagick is not really good in terms of image quality, in my opinion, but you can play with the scale value (as suggested by Eric? Nicolas?). Other than that, I don't know how to help you.


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