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Re: [O] Capture broken with org-plus-contrib-20170917

From: N. Jackson
Subject: Re: [O] Capture broken with org-plus-contrib-20170917
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 13:09:18 -0400
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Hi Josiah,

At 09:48 -0700 on Thursday 2017-09-21, Josiah Schwab wrote:

> Have you looked at the incompatible changes described in the
> release notes?

No, I hadn't. This is the downside of having the convenience of a
package manager in Emacs rather than installing things manually --
one neglects to read the release notes!

> I believe this change (and the migration) are described in
> "org-capture-templates no longer accepts S-expressions as file
> names".

Indeed. You are quite right, that explains the problem exactly.

> Hope that helps,

Yes it did, thank you. Thanks for the quick answer.

I have now bitten the bullet and "fixed" all my capture templates.
One advantage of this is that they are now slightly easier to


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