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[O] orgstruct-mode and colorizing headings.

From: Nonono
Subject: [O] orgstruct-mode and colorizing headings.
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 16:40:50 +0900

Hello orgmode! I have a question that I searched on the internet and
manuals about one hour, but still don't find out how.

How to change the face of headings when in the orgstruct-mode? I think
It would be neat if the color of heading have been different than normal
the comment line in orgstruct-mode.

I examined the face of headings when orgstruct-mode is on, but It was
the same `font-lock-comment-face' of the vanilla state, so I think
there're no plan and no way to change the color of headings other than
changing the source code or making a new minor mode. Does someone have
a idea or a recommendation on this particular subject?

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