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Re: [O] orgmode for many continuous tasks?

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: [O] orgmode for many continuous tasks?
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 13:07:05 +0100
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Hi Peter...

On 25/09/17 12:58, Peter Neilson wrote:
Hmmm. I have similar problems, but on a somewhat more difficult level. A lot of my tasks are farm-related and are thus self-driven rather than org-mode-driven. For instance, two barn roofs need repair, and seeing them listed as TODO in an agenda does nothing to get started on them, or on the sub-tasks necessary to starting the work on the roofs. But when I look at the roofs, and thus am reminded of "* TODO Repair barn roofs", it's always when I'm already at work on something immediately more pressing.

But it gets worse! If I think of a task that needs to be done, and write it into one of my TODO lists, then I tend to ignore it. Adding it to the schedule dismisses it from any immediate concern, and (as I alluded before) much of my work is outside, on the farm, nowhere near my computer. It's almost like Ko-Ko's solution in G&S's operetta 'The Mikado':

  Ko-Ko: When Your Majesty says "Let a thing be done", it’s as good as done, practically it is done, because Your Majesty’s will is law. Your Majesty says "Kill a gentleman", and the gentleman is to be killed, consequently that gentleman is as good as dead, practically he is dead, and if he is dead, why not say so?   The Mikado: I see. [Dramatic Pause] Nothing could possibly be more...satisfactory!

My problem with org mode itself thus becomes yet another action item (to be ignored):

* TODO Devise a way to project my agenda (in unavoidable brilliance) onto the side of the barn, or perhaps embroider it into the fleece of my sheep (who * TODO need to be shorn).

Plausible (or implausible) solutions to my problem or to Mycroft's are hereby solicited.

If I'm understanding correctly, part of your problem is that you don't have org-mode with you when you're in the places that you can get things done.  In that case, part of the answer might be having your org-mode on a mobile device.

I've just started using a new Android phone, with Orgzly on the phone, and a manual sync process between the files that Orgzly works on and my main org-mode files (which I keep in a git server, and update from multiple laptops). So far I've only been doing this for 1 day, but it looks promising.

Regards - Neil

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