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[O] Allow more export options to be controlled per-subtree

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: [O] Allow more export options to be controlled per-subtree
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2017 17:28:08 +0000


I see that many export options like org-export-with-emphasize, org-export-with-sub-superscripts cannot be set on per-subtree basis using properties.

In ox.el, I see:

(defconst org-export-options-alist
  '((:title "TITLE" nil nil parse)
    (:date "DATE" nil nil parse)
    (:author "AUTHOR" nil user-full-name parse)
    (:email "EMAIL" nil user-mail-address t)
    (:language "LANGUAGE" nil org-export-default-language t)
    (:select-tags "SELECT_TAGS" nil org-export-select-tags split)
    (:exclude-tags "EXCLUDE_TAGS" nil org-export-exclude-tags split)
    (:creator "CREATOR" nil org-export-creator-string)
    (:headline-levels nil "H" org-export-headline-levels)
    (:preserve-breaks nil "\\n" org-export-preserve-breaks)
    (:section-numbers nil "num" org-export-with-section-numbers)
    (:time-stamp-file nil "timestamp" org-export-time-stamp-file)
    (:with-archived-trees nil "arch" org-export-with-archived-trees)
    (:with-author nil "author" org-export-with-author)
    (:with-broken-links nil "broken-links" org-export-with-broken-links)
    (:with-clocks nil "c" org-export-with-clocks)
    (:with-creator nil "creator" org-export-with-creator)
    (:with-date nil "date" org-export-with-date)
    (:with-drawers nil "d" org-export-with-drawers)
    (:with-email nil "email" org-export-with-email)
    (:with-emphasize nil "*" org-export-with-emphasize)
    (:with-entities nil "e" org-export-with-entities)
    (:with-fixed-width nil ":" org-export-with-fixed-width)
    (:with-footnotes nil "f" org-export-with-footnotes)
    (:with-inlinetasks nil "inline" org-export-with-inlinetasks)
    (:with-latex nil "tex" org-export-with-latex)
    (:with-planning nil "p" org-export-with-planning)
    (:with-priority nil "pri" org-export-with-priority)
    (:with-properties nil "prop" org-export-with-properties)
    (:with-smart-quotes nil "'" org-export-with-smart-quotes)
    (:with-special-strings nil "-" org-export-with-special-strings)
    (:with-statistics-cookies nil "stat" org-export-with-statistics-cookies)
    (:with-sub-superscript nil "^" org-export-with-sub-superscripts)
    (:with-toc nil "toc" org-export-with-toc)
    (:with-tables nil "|" org-export-with-tables)
    (:with-tags nil "tags" org-export-with-tags)
    (:with-tasks nil "tasks" org-export-with-tasks)
    (:with-timestamps nil "<" org-export-with-timestamps)
    (:with-title nil "title" org-export-with-title)
    (:with-todo-keywords nil "todo" org-export-with-todo-keywords))

I believe that can be fixed by doing:

    (:with-emphasize "WITH_EMPHASIZE" "*" org-export-with-emphasize)

.. and so on, and then one can have




in the subtree property.

Is there a reason why this support wasn't added in the first place? 
(Or does a method already exist to allow me to do the above?)

I can work on a patch if it's OK to enable this functionality. 

Kaushal Modi

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