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Re: [O] Trying to get chart from table working

From: Robert Horn
Subject: Re: [O] Trying to get chart from table working
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 07:22:18 -0400
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Peter Davis writes:

> Basically, I want to plot a time series graph showing my PSA (prostate
> specific antigen) over time. The PSA is measured at irregular intervals,
> and has been for over 4 years (and hopefully will continue for many more
> years.) That should be a simple enough graph. I've already got a
> javascript d3 example that does this, but I'd like to embed it in a
> document, and to be able to generate PDF.
> Further, I want to be able to show different time intervals with tinted
> bands spanning the full range of the graph, and having specific start
> and end dates. These would represent various medical treatments I've
> undergone. I have a rough example I've mocked up in Photoshop, but, of
> course, I want to be able to add new data and re-generate the chart as
> needed. I don't know if I can attach a PNG to an email on this list.

I do something similar for managing diabetes.

I use org-mode to manage some (not all) of the data tables and org-babel
to control a graphics and statistics analysis in R.  R can also handle
input in other formats, such as CSV, that I get from some sources. The
results are also displayed in the org window as output from R.

This is a much heavier weight solution, since it involves learning R.  But
the graphics capabilities are immensely richer than gnuplot and the
mathematical capabilities for statistics and time series analysis are
immensely richer in R.

If learning R benefits your work or career you might explore this.

R Horn

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