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[O] Is it possible for a TODO item not to be an outline item?

From: Angel de Vicente
Subject: [O] Is it possible for a TODO item not to be an outline item?
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2017 12:40:18 +0100
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I'm starting to use org for notes, and I realize that I don't know how
to create a TODO item but without it being an outline item. Sorry if
this is not the proper terminology. Let me explain what I would like to
have. Let's say I have a file where I want to keep details about a new machine
installation. I would have something like:

| * Installation of PC X
| ** Hardware configuration
| blah,blah,blah,
| ** Software configuration
| I intall app x, no trouble
| I try to install app y, but no luck
| *** TODO App Y is giving trouble, fix
| I install app z, no trouble 

For the "software configuration" I just type notes of what I'm doing,
and I would like to have TODO items for unfinished tasks.

If I write something like above when I collapse the TODO item, all the
information about the app Z collapses with it. I know that I could
create another outline level for each of the apps (or at least for "app
y" and "app z"), but that will force me to create extra levels whenever
I want to insert a TODO item in the middle of a section.

So basically I would like to have that TODO item but somehow without
creating a new section. Is it possible?

Ángel de Vicente

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