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Re: [O] Clocktable Naming

From: Dave Marquardt
Subject: Re: [O] Clocktable Naming
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2017 08:27:15 -0500
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I wanted to add a #+PLOT to the clock table header, and used the
advice mechanism to do it. E.g.

(defadvice org-clock-report (after insert-plot-line
  "Add #+PLOT: line appropriate for clock table."
   "#+PLOT: ind:1 deps:(4) type:2d with:histograms set:\"style fill solid\"

You might be able to do something similar for your purpose.

You might also check to see if there's some sort of hook to use when
inserting clock tables.

On Mon, Oct 09 2017, Shawn Way wrote:

Is there a method for automatically naming a timeclock?  For example,

:name table1

to be used in the #+BEGIN line?

This would allow the clocktable to be post processed using something like perl 
or python for in depth analysis.


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