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[O] *Good* client for Android?

From: John Goerzen
Subject: [O] *Good* client for Android?
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 16:28:42 -0500
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Hi folks,

All along, I anticipated using this with Android (and, ideally, also
iOS).  The MobileOrg feature set looked great, and the syncing mechanism
looked a lot better than sharing Dropbox.

I use git to share my ~/org between two computers (laptop and desktop),
using git-remote-gcrypt to store on a server.  This makes syncing and
resolving conflicts easy (I move between the two throughout the day, so
Dropbox is really not a great option here.)  Sync integrity -- or at
least robust detection of conflicts -- is a must.  Encryption is a "very
nice to have."


Here's what I've found so far:

MobileOrg - supports WebDAV storage.  Has a robust sync system,
integrated with org-mode, in which it seems to be able to write out its
changes to a separate file that the computer can integrate.  Sounds
smart, though I suspect it will require additional hacking to support
multiple Android devices.  org-mode docs mention encryption for this,
but the encryption is not supported by MobileOrg.  Also, MobileOrg was
last updated 4 years ago and seems to have bitrotted.

Orgzly - Supports only Dropbox or local-on-Android storage. The latter
is insecure, as it permits any app on the system to read the files.  I
am really not sure how to integrate this with my workflow.  It seems
like potentials for conflicts are extremely high.

SyncOrg - Shows some promise, but couldn't even test locally due to the
folder selection screen not working for the "External/Local Only." 
Suspect it's trying to do something insecure as well, or doesn't work on
Oreo?  ssh support seems to actually be ssh+git, which is nice - except
that it's unencrypted.  doh.  The documentation made no mention of
resolving conflicts.  https://github.com/wizmer/syncorg/wiki/FAQ seems
to suggest it uses the old MobileOrg push/pull in org-mode, but I can't
see how that possibly works well with Git.  I suspect that FAQ to be
totally obsolete, because it also talks about a Dropbox synchronizer
that SyncOrg doesn't even have.  I could use this if I drop
git-remote-gcrypt, I hope.

MobileOrg-NG - Last updated in 2012.  Didn't really look past that.

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