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[O] Add minlevel parameter to column view parameters

From: Thomas Cordival
Subject: [O] Add minlevel parameter to column view parameters
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:26:16 +0200
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you will find attached a simple patch to add a new parameter to the
column view dynamic block: minlevel.

This parameter mirrors the behavior of the maxlevel parameter: only
headings below a given level will be included in the table.

I use this feature in documents where I want to keep a list of items
(headings) on which I define properties alongside a table summarizing
these properties:

* Summary
#+BEGIN: columnview :id input :minlevel 3
| Year | Title              | Theatre  |
| 1995 | Scream             | New York |
| 1999 | Scream 2           | Tokyo    |
| 2013 | 500 days of summer | Paris    |
* Movies
:ID: input
:COLUMNS: %Year %ITEM(Title) %Theatre
** Horror
*** Scream
:year:     1995
:theatre:  New York
*** Scream 2
:year:     1999
:theatre:  Tokyo
** Romance
*** 500 days of summer
:year:     2013
:theatre:  Paris

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Thomas Cordival

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