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Re: [O] OT: TUI applications

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: [O] OT: TUI applications
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 09:05:47 +1100
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There is actually lots of these frameworks and libraries in many
different languages, so it really depends on what you are most
comfortable working in. I have used both Emacs forms and widgets in the
past. For example, I've used forms as an intermediate step between emacs
and a backend store where I have 'batch' commands which retrieve the
data into a file which forms use as input and then after editing the
data using Emacs forms, write the data back to the backend store (making
the forms a sort of 'batch' processor).

For shell scripts, whiptail, zenity and dialog usually work and if I
need something a little more, I've used Tcl/Tk or perl/Tk.

However, I am now trying to reduce my level of context switching between
different languages. As I'm doing more and more in the web environment,
I'm now playing with electron (atom shell), which allows me to easily do
a desktop app just using html, CSS and javascript (actually, my
intention is to use Clojurescript).

I've actually found that even with basic TUI libraries, there is still
too much low level stuff I don't want to worry about. Being able to use
a JS library I'm familiar with and avoid all the web server, browser
differences etc is much faster and simpler, plus the more I use it, the
easier it gets as I build up my own modules etc.


Russell Adams writes:

> Given the unique user base of Org, I wanted to ask a question.
> Has anyone seen any modern development libraries for TUI (console / character 
> cell) applications? Ncurses the library is
> not an answer as you have to start from scratch. There are thousands of web 
> frameworks, and yet console is infinitely
> simpler than a LAMP stack, but there are no prepackaged libraries for working 
> with it (ie: forms, widgets, etc).
> I frequently find myself in the position to need a small custom database 
> application for this or that (contacts,
> invoicing, recipes!). Python (or similar) + SQLite seems like a no brainer, 
> except I don't want webapps or a giant GUI
> program like libreoffice Base. I'd use something that was text forms based 
> like an old dBase product.
> I've looked at Emacs forms, but they appear to be only for editing CSV data.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
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Tim Cross

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