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Re: [O] org to static site?

From: myglc2
Subject: Re: [O] org to static site?
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 21:53:56 -0500
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On 12/01/2017 at 18:19 Adonay Felipe Nogueira writes:

> The best approach for me is also to use something such as org-publish,
> and a simple static site server such as GNU Serveez.

Have you used org-publish in earnest?  I settled on the approach used in
https://github.com/myglc2/emacsite only after trying out org-publish
extensively.  I needed source and generated content to sit together in
the working tree of complex multi-level reproducible research projects
and to be transparently revision controlled and hosted on the
organization's Github Entreprise server.

After studying both approaches I found the emacsite approach to work
better than org-publish. Just to be clear, emacsite does not require
GitHub. You can equally well serve the site from the development tree,
or you can publish by doing git push to non bare git repos hosted on web
servers. In this way emacsite effectively automates site publishing
using make and git which I found to be more reliable than org-publish.

I also needed to be able to easily preview live results generated on HPC
development servers in order to share work in progress with colleges.
emacsite supports this natively.  A nice lightweight emacs-only way to
serve this work is https://github.com/skeeto/emacs-http-server.


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