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[O] run shell command after publishing project

From: Matt Price
Subject: [O] run shell command after publishing project
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2017 14:28:21 -0500

Hi everyone,
Feeling a little rude after a long absence in which I dropped all my non-work commitments -- but still here to ask a question!

I'm setting up a new workflow using Kauhsal's ox-hugo.  I keep all my course materials in a few org files & publish to hugo-flavoured markdown.  My source materials live in one git repo, and my website in another.  After exporting any of my my courses to the local hugo directory, I'd like to run a shell script that I'll keep in my org-files directory. 

That script
- cds to the website repo directory, commits changes to the website master branch, - runs hugo,
- switches to the "public" directory of compiled html pages, which has a worktree checked out to  the  gh-pages branch,
- commits changes there as well, and then
- pushes both branches to github. 

The script seems to work OK, and now I would like to run it every time I export from the appropriate projects. Is there a good way for me to do this? I guess a hook that only runs under certain conditions?

If I can get this to work, and then also auto export every time I commit the org-files to master (maybe with a post-commit git hook of ~emacsclient -e '(org-publish-project "course1"~ ?), then I will maybe be almost happy!

thanks as always,

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