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[O] double underlines and external references

From: Sharon Kimble
Subject: [O] double underlines and external references
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 14:56:46 +0000
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For my current series of books that I'm writing in org-mode which is
being exported to latex, I need to differentiate between recipes in the
current working file, and to recipes in an external file. This is in a
series of books all containing recipes. So what I'm looking for is the
ability to use a single underline for internal, and a double underline
for external. I can do a single underline easily in org-mode, but I'm
having problems with a double underline.

But is it the best method, using single and double underlines? Can
anyone suggest some other ways of doing it, please? Like, for instance,
can I have a reference to a particular section in another file?

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