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Re: [O] Can export the files with bibliography only to LaTeX

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [O] Can export the files with bibliography only to LaTeX
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:09:15 -0200
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Is this really a requirement? Did you actually asked which formats they
support? Perhaps with careful negotiation, you might come up with good
outcomes. For example: support for sending your work as PDF, TXT or

In the case of HTML, you can use any of these to convert your LaTeX file
to HTML:

a) htlatex "File.tex"; although I don't know if this one will do
multiple runs automatically.

b) make4ht "File.tex"; if I'm not mistaken, this last method automates
the various runs of mk4ht; or lastly

c) pass "htlatex" as the LaTeX command (`-latex=' option) in `latexmk',
see the texdoc for `latexmk' and for `htlatex' to know what to put in
the `-latex=' option.

2017-12-14T12:28:46+0000 Eric S Fraga wrote:
> [...]
> I am sympathetic to these views but unfortunately it's not always
> possible.  My university, for instance, requires me to prepare exam
> scripts in DOC (hence my related email a few minutes ago... my yearly
> task of preparing scripts is upon me).  I hate it but I have no choice.

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