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[O] Strange, issue when I hit word wrap limit.

From: Richard Fieldsend
Subject: [O] Strange, issue when I hit word wrap limit.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 17:13:16 +0000

Dear Gurus,
I have an odd issue with org-mode, which I'm hoping people can help with.


I recently decided to declare Emacs bankruptcy, and started building a fresh new Emacs.

To do this I pulled a copy of the source from github, built it and then started on my initialisation files.  As much as possible I have been using built in customisations or I have also built the extensions from github code.

I keep a folder in home called 'emacsLisp' which I populate with .emacs and a group of subject based files (emacsLatex.el, emacsExperimental.el etc) which I link in from .emacs.  I then have a soft link to .emacs in the home folder.

The latest thing I have added in has been org-mode, and as before, I have pulled it from source and built it using 'make autoloads'

On my home laptop org-mode works as expected (I have a minimal installation, using org-bullets and it timestamp when a todo is completed, but I haven't gone hog wild yet).

However, with the same code on my work computer when I am writing text in org-mode and the cursor reaches the end of the line and should wrap I get an error that flashes up in the buffer at the foot of the screen.

The error message reads:

org-element--cache-find: avl-tree--dummyroot accessing a non-avl-tree-

Google has failed to find an answer.

I have tried installing org-mode from the package manager on my work computer, but the problem persists.

Any thoughts  gratefully received


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