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[O] Add zero width nbsp to pre component of org-emphasis-regexp-componen

From: Christoffer Stjernlöf
Subject: [O] Add zero width nbsp to pre component of org-emphasis-regexp-components
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 10:04:47 +0100


I'm sure there's a reason this hasn't been done, so I'll suggest it and
hope for a lecture. :) Sometimes I want to emphasise just part of a word
(I'll use the company name socialgrow as a running example), so I insert
a zero width non-breaking space around the emphasis marks, like so:
social[zewinbsp]*grow*. My thinking is that this will let Org think
they are two separate words, but in any real sense they stick together
(no linebreak across them, zero spacing between them.)

However, this requires one to add the zero width non breaking space
to the pre component of org-emphasis-regexp-components, which is
not the default. Any reason that is so?


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