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Re: [O] master: org-complete-expand-structure-template gone?

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] master: org-complete-expand-structure-template gone?
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2017 12:43:21 -0500
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Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi
> I just pulled the actual master (the last time I did this was in July).
> It seems that the function org-complete-expand-structure-template is
> gone.
> Is this true? If so
>     -  what is the substitute.
>     -  what is the rationale to break backward compatibility?
>     -  couldn't there be a file announcing deleted or renamed functions.
>        I tried to search the logs but could not find any reference to
>        when I was deleted and why.

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$ git log --grep=org-complete-expand-structure-template
commit c04e357f3d5d93484277a7e439847b1233b872bd
Author: Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Nov 5 09:25:15 2017 +0100

    Replace easy templates with org-insert-structure-template
    * lisp/org.el (org-insert-structure-template): New function for
      wrapping region (or element at point) in a begin/end block.
      (org-structure-predefined-blocks): New option holding predefined
      blocks, for completion.
      org-complete-expand-structure-template): Remove functions.
    * doc/org.texi (Inserting structure templates): Document.
    * testing/lisp/test-org.el (test-org/insert-template): New test.

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There's been a lot of back-and-forth on the list about this.


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