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[O] [patch] Snippet expansion

From: Rasmus
Subject: [O] [patch] Snippet expansion
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 01:29:22 +0100
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The first patches adds string keys to snippet expansion.  For tempo, this
is straight-forward.

For the interactive prompt there’s an org-mks interface.  It limited to at
most two keys (this shouldn’t be much of a limitation TBH).  So for
instance if the key is "prop" the interactive prompt will be "p", "pr",
"po" or "pp".

The second patch are various improvements for org-tempo, e.g. to put the
cursor at a better place.  org-tempo now also do some checks wrt. new
structure templates.

The third patch is more experimental and tries to be more "clever" when
using the interactive interface, e.g. with newlines.  The code is now a
lot more complicated, and I’m not sure it’s any more pleasant or


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