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Re: [O] Add contents-begin and contents-end to src-block in org-element.

From: Somelauw .
Subject: Re: [O] Add contents-begin and contents-end to src-block in org-element.el
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2017 00:55:45 +0100

2017-12-24 16:05 GMT+01:00 Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden>:
> Contents mean "data in Org syntax". There are no such contents in source
> blocks. Therefore, the parser does not provide :contents-begin
> and :contents-end for them.

Thanks for your quick response As I understand from your reply,
:contents-begin/end should be reserved for elements that can contain
other org-elements or org-objects.

I'm writing a plugin that allows one to operate on the inner body of
an org-element and so far I'm relying on :contents-begin and
:contents-end. This has worked pretty well so far on most org
elements, but org-src-blocks seem to be an exception. I may want to
special-case these.

By the way, do you know of any other org-elements that have an inner
body that doesn't classify as "data in Org syntax"?

Kind regards,

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