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Re: [O] Preventing noweb substitution during export

From: Samuel W. Flint
Subject: Re: [O] Preventing noweb substitution during export
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 16:50:01 -0600
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Nicolas, my apologies for sending this twice.
>>>>> Nicolas Goaziou writes:

    NG> Hello, address@hidden (Samuel W. Flint) writes:

    >> I used to be able to prevent noweb substitution during export by
    >> setting noweb to tangle, now it's only a yes/no option.  When was
    >> this feature removed, and what can I do to get it back?

    NG> I don't think that was intended. Would you have an ECM
    NG> demonstrating the issue?

It didn't get removed, though no-export is now the correct value.
Neither, however, are currently documented in the manual.

    NG> Regards,

    NG> -- Nicolas Goaziou

And the following should demonstrate how they currently behave:

#+PROPERTY: :noweb tangle

#+name: a
#+begin_src python
  def foo():
      print "foo"

#+name: b
#+begin_src python



#+name: c
#+begin_src python :tangle "test.py"

  import bar

The file 'test.py' will contain:

    import bar


If noweb is set to no-export, the <<a>> will be resolved.  However, with
tangle, the block is included during export.



Samuel W. Flint
      (9477 D23E 389E 40C5 2F10  DE19 68E5 318E 2665 96F4)
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