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[O] [ANN] OrgStruct is dead. Long live Orgalist.

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: [O] [ANN] OrgStruct is dead. Long live Orgalist.
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 13:02:54 +0100
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As discussed on this ML a few months ago, I eventually removed OrgStruct
minor mode from Org code base. 

I also removed Radio lists, i.e., sending and receiving Org lists in
non-Org buffers, since the two features were pretty much tied. I _did
not_ remove `org-list-to-html', `org-list-to-latex' functions, just the
sending and receiving mechanism.

OrgStruct minor mode has a few replacements already, the most basic one
being Outline minor mode. See the ML archives about OrgStruct removal
for more information. However, there is, AFAIK, no satisfactory solution
for plain lists management in non-Org buffers. Therefore, I implemented
Orgalist mode, which really is a mini Org list library for non-Org

Here is an excerpt for the commentary section:

    This library provides Org mode's plain lists in non-Org buffers.
    More specifically, it supports syntax for numbered, unnumbered,
    description items, checkboxes, and counter cookies.
    Besides, the following features are supported:
    - Navigation (M-<up>, M-<down>)
    - Indentation (M-<left>, M-<right>, M-S-<left>, M-S-<right>, TAB)
    - Re-ordering (M-S-<up>, M-S-<down>)
    - Item insertion (M-RET)
    - Toggling checkboxes (C-c C-c)
    - Cycling bullets (C-c -)
    - Sorting items (C-c ^)
    - Filling items (M-q)
    - Auto filling (when Auto Fill mode is enabled)

It also re-introduces radio lists.

I didn't test it thoroughly, it doesn't even ship with tests, but
I could use it in a Message mode buffer satisfactorily. This was my main
use case.

Even if considered useful, I don't think it should go into Org core. It
could be, however, added to GNU ELPA, or to some repository Bastien just
set up. Until we find a proper place for it, I attach the full library
to this message.

Feedback welcome.


Nicolas Goaziou                                                0x80A93738

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