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[O] [POLL] Should Org tempo be enabled by default? (expand templates thr

From: Bastien
Subject: [O] [POLL] Should Org tempo be enabled by default? (expand templates thru e.g. "<s[TAB]")
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 12:24:24 +0200
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Hi Nicolas,

I enabled org-tempo by default in commit 71ad7d1 ("org.el: Add
org-tempo to the list of default modules") and I completed the
commit message with this explanation:

  "Template expansion is likely to be expected by many users, as it was
  on by default in previous releases.  Let's load org-tempo by default
  and let users remove it.  If needed, we can remove this in future

I meant "Template expansion through typing <sTAB" of course.

You seem to disagree as you just disabled Org tempo in commit 4c13d0a
("Do not load Org Tempo by default"), saying:

  "Org Tempo is a backward compatible substitute for the new expansion
  mechanism.  It is only available for either die-hard "<s" users or
  power users that need advanced templates."

So we seem to disagree here.  I think org-tempo should be enabled by
default because "<s" is really much more convenient than having to pop
up a big menu from a new keybinding and select a key there.  Also, I
don't think what's inconvenient in enabling this by default and I see
how users of 9.2 will be confused by losing the "<s" feature.

I wonder what users on this list think, maybe I'm wrong.

Should the old expansion mechanism "<s" be enabled by default?


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