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[O] org 2 gfm markdown and back again

From: Divan Santana
Subject: [O] org 2 gfm markdown and back again
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:14:50 +0200

Hi fellow people :)

So like a lot of you, I'd love to write all my documentation in orgmode.

However I work with gitlab flavoured markdown a lot in our environment.
Wishfully one can convert easily between orgmode and markdown and back

Therefore I need to be able to convert easily back and forth between the
two formats.

There are some issues with this and wondering what your experiences are
with this (for those that are interested)?

I wrote about this situation briefly in my blog on plain text

 [1] https://divansantana.com/plain-text-documentation/index.html

pandoc orgmode support is not good enough at converting orgmode to
markdown and back again.

For example converting this org file[2] to markdown with pandoc does
not result in this properly formatted gfm markdown file[3].


Using the various ~org-md-~ functions from ~ox-md.el~ is better. However
it only supports org2markdown, not the reverse.  Furthermore, it still
doesn't do a perfect job with the conversation.

Pierre Neidhardt wrote a nice wrapper which improves the org2markdown


The result works very well in my testing.  However this still doesn't
solve the markdown2org situation.

Anyone thought of something box to improve this situation?
Divan Santana

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