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[O] Feature request: Add support for org-toggle-pretty-entities preview

From: Ilja Kocken
Subject: [O] Feature request: Add support for org-toggle-pretty-entities preview of org-entities-user which are more than one unicode character
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2018 13:07:53 +0100
User-agent: mu4e 1.0; emacs 26.1

Hi there!

I've recently added some custom entries to my org-entities-user (below), but the ones that are more than one UTF-8 character long (most) do not show in my org-buffer with org-toggle-pretty-entities on. Is there a particular reason that I'm missing for why it will only preview single-character entities?

(setq org-entities-user
'(("dO" "\\(\\delta^{18}\\)O" nil "&delta;<sup>18</sup>O" "δ18O" "δ18O" "δ¹⁸O") ("eO" "\\({}^{18}\\)O" nil "<sup>18</sup>O" "18O" "18O" "¹⁸O") ("dC" "\\(\\delta^{13}\\)C" nil "&delta;<sup>13</sup>O" "δ13C" "δ¹³C" "δ¹³C") ("tC" "\\({}^{13}\\)C" nil "<sup>13</sup>C" "13C" "¹³C" "¹³O") ("COt" "CO\\(_{2}\\)" nil "CO<sub>2</sub>" "CO2" "CO₂" "CO₂") ("D" "\\Delta_{47}" t "&Delta;<sub>47</sub>" "Δ47" "Δ47" "Δ₄₇")
       ("celsius" "\\(^{\\circ}\\)C" nil "&deg;C" "°C" "°C" "℃")
       ;; unit space, for something like 15\us{}kg
       ("us" "\\," nil "&nbsp;" " " " " " ")
       ("appr" "\\sim" t "&tilde;" "~" "~" "~")
       ;; for gps-coordinates
       ("degree" "^{\\circ}" t "&deg;" "°" "°" "°")
       ("arcminute" "^{'}" t "&prime;" "'" "′" "′")
       ("arcsecond" "^{''}" t "&Prime;" "\"" "″" "″")

Or am I going about this the wrong way in this particular case? I could of course also write yasnippets to autocomplete the full org-source, but I would like more control over what the latex export looks like (since I have to format everything according to strict latex conventions for scientific journals, so for example the default CO_2 -> CO\(_{\text{2}}\) is wrong).

Kind regards,


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