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[O] Release 9.2

From: Bastien
Subject: [O] Release 9.2
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2018 10:41:01 +0100
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Hi all,

Org 9.2 is out: https://orgmode.org

Below are the release notes.

I'm just the "release manager" here, all the kudos for this hard work
should go to Nicolas and the list of contributors.  Let's continue to
have fun by hacking this nice piece of software together!



Incompatible changes

Change in behavior on exit from an Org edit buffer

  Org will no longer attempt to restore the window configuration in the
  frame to which the user returns after editing a source block with
  `org-edit-src-code'.  Instead, the window configuration will remain as
  it is.

Change default value for `org-email-link-description-format'

  When linking from a mail buffer, Org used to truncate the subject of
  the message to 30 characters in order to build the description of the
  link.  This behavior was considered as too surprising.  As a
  consequence, Org no longer truncates subjects.

  You can get the old behaviour back with the following:

  | (setq org-email-link-description-format "Email %c: %.30s")

`:file' header argument no longer assume "file" `:results'

  The "file" `:results' value is now mandatory for a code block
  returning a link to a file.  The `:file' or `:file-ext' header
  arguments no longer imply a "file" result is expected.

Plain numbers are hours in Column View mode

  See for details.

New features


Add LaTeX output support in PlantUML

New property `HTML_HEADLINE_CLASS' in HTML export

  The new property `HTML_HEADLINE_CLASS' assigns a class attribute to a

Allow LaTeX attributes and captions for "table.el" tables

  Supported LaTeX attributes are `:float', `:center', `:font' and

Attach buffer contents to headline

  With `<b>' key from attachment dispatcher (`<C-c C-a>'), it is now
  possible to write the contents of a buffer to a file in the headline
  attachement directory.

iCalendar export respects a `CLASS' property

  Set the `CLASS' property on an entry to specify a visibility class for
  that entry only during iCalendar export. The property can be set to
  anything the calendar server supports. The iCalendar standard defines
  the values `PUBLIC', `CONFIDENTIAL', `PRIVATE', which can be
  interpreted as publicly visable, accessible to a specific group, and
  private respectively.

  This property can be inherited during iCalendar export, depending on
  the value of `org-use-property-inheritance'.

New parameter for `INCLUDE' keyword

  Add `:coding CODING-SYSTEM' to include files using a different coding
  system than the main Org document.  For example:

  | #+INCLUDE: "myfile.cmd" src cmd :coding cp850-dos

New values in clock tables' step: `month' and `year'

ODT export handles numbers cookies in lists

New cell movement functions in tables

  `S-<UP>', `S-<DOWN>', `S-<RIGHT>', and `S-<LEFT>' now move cells in
  the corresponding direction by swapping with the adjacent cell.

New functions





Removed functions


  It was unused throughout the code base.


Org Table reads numbers starting with 0 as strings


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