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Re: [O] keybinding change in org 9.2?

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: [O] keybinding change in org 9.2?
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 12:36:20 +1100
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The only key binding issue I ran into was not being able to use C-c C-,
for the new block expansion code. Problem turned out to be a key binding
conflict with hydra-ox, which I don't use, but which was being loaded by
another package I do use.

Apart from that, I've not run into any binding issues. Your description
sounds suspiciously like a 'dirty' install. I find, when updating org
from ELPA, it is very important to do it in a fresh Emacs instance where
org has not yet been used/loaded to avoid 'mixed' versions being
built. While often not an issue with minor version changes, definitely
important for major version changes.

In fact, I find it useful to completely remove my ELPA directory, remove
the selected packages line from Emacs custom and do a fresh install from
time to time. However, as I use use-package, this is really easy - just
restart emacs after removing elpa directory and selected packages entry
from custom block.


John Kitchin <address@hidden> writes:

> Did anything change in org 9.2 that would affect how key-bindings are
> loaded? I installed org-plus-20181230 from MELPA and suddenly many
> keybindings that used to work didn't, e.g. all the org-ref bindings, and
> other customizations I had made. If I manually run those files, the
> bindings come back, but they don't seem to get run or loaded on my startup.
> If I go back to the older version I was using (9.1.14) everything works as
> expected (i.e. the way it used to).  Just curious if anyone else
> experienced anything like that.
> John
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> Professor John Kitchin
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Tim Cross

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