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[O] org-table-align function changed, where is the old behavior?

From: Craig Luthy
Subject: [O] org-table-align function changed, where is the old behavior?
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 18:02:57 -0600

I create lots of tables in org-mode, many with lots of information and long cells. The C-c C-c was heaven because it prettied up my table in one action. If I understand what I have read and am seeing, whenever I TAB or RET all the cells are expanded which creates a scrambled mess that is impossible to navigate because all the rows wrap. Shrinking 1 column at a time with C-c TAB is a regretful step backwards. Why did you change the existing functionality. I would have rather seen that retained and a new option to do narrowing one column at a time.

I have played with '#+STARTUP: align shrink' but it does not seem to work when I open the buffer. It may work if I open the file for the first time, but that is not what I normally do. I hit many files and just leave the buffers around.

Now that you have changed the way org-table-align works, could you also add a "new" feature that works like the originall C-c C-c did and format the column widths in one motion.

This is the first time I have interacted with your team so apologize if I have followed the right process.

Thanks for your help, 
Craig Luthy

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