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[O] org-clock-resolving-clocks & idle

From: Michaël Cadilhac
Subject: [O] org-clock-resolving-clocks & idle
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 17:01:15 +0000

Hi there;

CONTEXT:  When I'm idling with the clock running, Org asks if I want
to resolve the clock when I come back (this is by setting

PROBLEM: I'm not sure how recent the change was, but Org started
asking me _multiple times_ what I want to do when back.

CAUSE: It seems that the mechanism that prevents multiple such
questions is broken.  It boils down to checking whether
org-clock-resolving-clocks is non-nil in org-resolve-clocks-if-idle.
The problem is that org-resolve-clocks-if-idle then calls
org-clock-resolve, which does *not* change org-clock-resolving-clocks
(that's the job of org-resolve-clocks, it seems).

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: (if we agree there is a problem) Check for
org-clock-resolving-clocks-due-to-idleness rather than
org-clock-resolving-clocks in org-resolve-clocks-if-idle.  How does
that sound?  Maybe org-clock-resolve should also set
org-clock-resolving-clocks; is there a use case where
org-clock-resolve may be called multiple times (with timers probably)
with different clocks, and we'd want all of them to prompt the user?


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